inclusive marketing

As a key part of my freelance services, I offer inclusive marketing consultancy and auditing for brands and businesses. 


this includes:

  • Web audits
  • Social audits
  • Content audits
  • Marketing audits
  • Detailed inclusivity report


this includes:

  • Initial thoughts & report 
  • Meetings and discussion
  • Future planning session
  • Moving forward steps

Future Proofing

this includes:

  • Inclusivity guidelines creation
  • Company briefing 
  • Personalised inclusivity rules
  • Future-proofing strategy

inclusive writings

Advocating For Inclusivity And Diversity In The Workplace
'Advocating for inclusivity within a business, whether you’re a barista, a boss, a beautician or a barrister, can be a difficult thing to navigate and there can be so many invisible pitfalls to avoid along the way.'
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Staying Mental Health Inclusive Over Zoom
'To be ‘mental health inclusive’ means to be aware, educated and supportive of the mental health problems your employees may be facing, without being intrusive or judgemental.'
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How to Create a Gender-Equal Workplace in 2021
' The aim of a gender-equal workplace should always be to make every employee feel welcome, respected and valued, regardless of their gender or any other protected characteristics they may have.'
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‘'It was a pleasure working with Nikki on our style guide and content. She was quick to understand our needs and provided quality work. She was a pleasure to work with, and we will no doubt be working with her again.'
Meriam soryal
Life coach, founder

What does inclusive marketing include?

Social marketing has a huge role to play in the evolution and progression of social culture. Sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have become new hubs of change, diversity and activism, and many brands are coming under scrutiny for their lack of inclusive marketing. My services can help your business, and your brand, to identify any non-inclusive marketing efforts, problematic imagery and outdated messaging and adapt it for future marketing.

What are the benefits of working with a marketing consultant?

Not only can a marketing consultant provide a fresh perspective on your content, they can also offer valuable suggestions, commentary and advice for creating a more diverse, inclusive and authentic brand reputation online. A marketing consultant can objectively educate, instruct and guide your content in a more inclusive direction, helping you and your team to understand how different content can be perceived by different audiences. 

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