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about me

I’m Nikki McCaig – a 27-year-old freelance creative, content writer and social media consultant living in Nottingham.

Throughout my work as a freelancer, I’ve collaborated with a number of different businesses, brands and entrepreneurs – helping them to find success through digital marketing. With experience working in a wide variety of industries, from healthcare and beauty to technology and hospitality, I can offer a range of services to help more businesses succeed online. 

my journey

After starting a blog in 2014, I fell in love with digital media and creativity. From there I began learning and studying the different streams of marketing.

I eventually graduated from university and started work as a part-time Marketing Assistant for a leading digital agency.

After taking on a role as a Marketing Executive in a technology start-up, I gained more and more experience in design, branding, marketing and content writing.

From there, I decided to build up my own freelance career – working with some amazing local businesses to help boost their creative outputs online.

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my voice

My voice is my work and it amplifies everything I do. I believe in beauty, minimalism, classic style and elegance, and it shines through in every social media caption, article and publication I create. 

As a client of mine, you can expect a relationship of transparency, empathy, creativity and trust – with a strong brand voice that can be translated into your creative marketing goals. Working alongside my clients, my voice and my aesthetic will be uniquely shaped to fit your brand requirements, with the same level of quality and style included.  

get in touch

If you want to find out more about my services, pitch an idea or just chat about my work, make sure you drop me an email at