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Working with a freelancer can open up your business to a world of creativity and improvement. However, there are some things you might like to know first! Check out my FAQs below:

My rates can depend on a variety of factors, from the depth of the work involved to the software and equipment needed to carry it out. 

Typically, I charge between £25 – £30 for an hourly rate. My day rate is £150* and I charge £5 per post. I’m always open to negotiation for smaller or independent brands, and I will never charge more than my worth. 

*A Standard Day Rate will be worked out as 6 hours. For example, booking 3 x Day Rates per month would entitle you to 18 hours of work. 

Hourly rate: £25 – £30 

Day rate: £150 

Per post: £5.00 

I send personalised invoices on the last day of each month. Included in those invoices are a breakdown of costs, any expenses and my bank account or Paypal details.

I allow a two-week window for payment of these invoices. 

I also enforce the following policy:

Freelancers are legally entitled to £40 compensation on late invoices (under the sum of £1k), and upon the non-payment of the revised late fee invoice are also entitled to an additional 8.5% additional interest charge.

Yes,I am more than happy to work with brands on one-off projects, product launches and event work if required. As I work from home, I can be flexible with location and working hours to accommodate your project.

As I have a growing social media presence, blogging network and post regularly on various channels, I am open to brand collaborations. 

I charge the following for brand collaborations:

Gifted posts: £0 with complete artistic control 

Sponsored posts: £40 

Partially sponsored posts: £25 

Event Attendance: £50

Lecture/Presentation Delivery: £100

I am always happy to chat with agencies and businesses regarding outsourced work.  For agency outsourcing, I charge a rate of £30 per hour and will allow no higher than 10% commission on any projects.

To help maintain a healthy work/life balance, I work to the set hours of 9 am – 5 pm. 

Although I will reply to urgent or important queries and messages on the weekends, I typically work Mon-Fri.

If I ever need to take some time off, I will notify my client at least two weeks ahead of time and ensure that they will be covered for the period of absence

I check my emails regularly, and will always reply to urgent queries. 

The best way to begin an enquiry is through a direct email to or to drop me a message through my contact form.

For regular charges, I always opt for a direct debit transfer, however, I do accept payment via the following methods: 

– Paypal 

Online transfers (internationally) 

– Monzo

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