alix barker creative

Alix Barker Creative is an independent artist, creating digital artworks for her customers

the brief

Alix approached me to help develop her new brand identity for her small art business. She wanted a creative, aspirational and soft brand that would pair well with her Etsy audience. 

digital art

As Alix works primarly with digital artworking methods, her branding needed to be accessible, versatile and relevant to a varied audience. I utilised modern, aesthetically pleasing and on-trend brand elements to appeal to her target audience.

small business

Utilising Alix's status as a small independent business, I was able to integrate branding elements that would allow her work to feel familiar, friendly and approachable. Focusing on cursive lettering, a simple alphabet iconography and soft, comforting colours, I created a calming, unique brand for the client.

bespoke work

Alix's business prioritises bespoke, independently created and unique pieces of work for her customers. With that in mind, I opted to emphasise a direct, friendly and approachable branding identity throughout my construction process.

services delivered


Creating and developing a brand identity that reflected Alix Barker's business and values.

colour palette

Developing an approachable and accessible colour palette for Alix's digital and physical brand

brand identity

Working alongside the client to create a unique, bespoke brand identity for their business.

my work

creative and artistic branding

Throughout the branding process for Alix Barker, I repeatedly utilised the themes of earth, warmth and family – creating a feel of cosiness, rustic beauty and friendliness for an independent business. 


The brief for Alix required an original brand identity that reflected her creativity, small business approach and artistic abilities. 

I was able to work with Alix Barker to create a logo, typography style and colour palette that felt creative and stylish, yet accessible for her varied audience and customer base. 

versatile logo

Alix now has a carefully designed logo that can be applied across her digital and print marketing platforms

clear identity

Through working with Alix, I was able to develop a clear identity that truly represented her business and values

creative brand

Creativity is a driving factor in Alix's business and it was important that her brand and brand identity reflected that.

Client Testimonial

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