kigali coffee

A local coffee shop in the creative hub of Nottingham serving speciality coffee and pastries to their loyal customers.

the brief

Kigali approached me in early 2022 to help them unify their brand through social media marketing and photography. 

They needed to create a cohesive, aesthetic and engaging social profile to advertise the coffee shop and draw local customers in.


Kigali's core product is speciality coffee and their socials needed to represent this. Through the use of specialist coffee language, description of the beans and roasting process, I was able to create an educated and industry-specific tone of voice for the chosen social platform. 


The aesthetic of kigali is one of its most popular features, and I was tasked to replicate this visual brand through their socials. I utilised the interior design style of the coffee shop itself to create warm, earth-toned palette for the instagram feed to follow.


Kigali is situated in the popular Lace Market area of Nottingham City Centre with a core audience of locals, families, students and office workers. Their socials needed to feel friendly and accessible enough for locals to feel welcome and comforted visting the coffee shop. 

services delivered


creating video content as part of an overall marketing strategy

social marketing

creating social content on a regular basis to promote the coffee shop

event marketing

supporting the coffee shop through event marketing

my work

brand creation through marketing

One of the core goals of the Kigali marketing strategy was to develop the brand through social posts and promotion. This was helped and developed through the use of imagery, tone of voice, colours and typography throughout the social feeds. 


The brief required a warm, friendly and knowledgable tone of voice, a strategy for gaining social engagement and for their marketing to reach loyal and new customers in the beauty industry. 

I was able to transform their social channels into consisent, coherent and engaging platforms, with fully developed personas and strategies in place. 

post impressions
story impressions
instagram reel views

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