a digital marketing and advertising agency creating promotional media, video content and solutions for their clients. 

the brief

lvetht approached me in 2022 to help them create a content strategy for their blog, writing relevant, informative and helpful articles for their readers to enjoy. 

they needed to create a strong tone of voice that represented the expertise and authority of the business, whilst still connected to a growing, learning audience. 


As an agency, LVETHT has many years of combined experience in the fields of digital marketing, promotion, advertising and media. I utilised their experience to create a knowledgable content strategy and tone of voice to appeal to a broad digital readership.


As a modern business, informality is key to connecting with younger and creative audiences. Using friendly collaqualisms and informal language, I was able to help lvetht form a warm and friend tone of voice.


Highlighting the different digital spheres connected to LVETHT as an agency, I created a content strategy that would highlight and reference the numerous topics associated with digital media and marketing.

services delivered

content management

creating a strong, intentional content strategy for the blog


creating weekly copy and content to educate and inform


creating optimised content and copy to drive traffic and hits

my work

Check out my written work for lvetht:


20th sept
'In 2022, the terms accessibility, inclusivity and diversity should be in everyone’s vocabulary. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a massive shift in society towards making our physical, social and virtual spaces more inclusive and progressive - from the way we share our pronouns to the bathrooms we select.'
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the biggest branding trends of 2022

3rd aug
'Branding - that key phrase that can make or break your business. The icons, colours and fonts that make up the shop window of your services, your values, your success and your achievements. If done well, your branding can be disruptive, industry-defining and eye-catching. "
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13th jul
'It’s a widely recognised fact that no matter how much coffee we drink, how many sugary drinks we consume or how much sleep we get - our productivity will slump at 3pm. It’s that mid-afternoon crash where your brain just can’t function, your eyes glaze over and all motivation flies out of the window.
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The brief required an informative and educational yet informal tone of voice to help this agency grow their readership and audience, and share their insights with a broad range of users. 

LVETHT now have a cohesive content strategy, allowing them to share relevant, authentic and useful articles to help raise awareness of their services and products. 

solid strategy

The LVETHT agency now has a blogging strategy that can reflect their services and skills.

tone of voice

LVETHT now has an informative and accessible tone of voice in their copy.

optimised copy

LVETHT now have optimised written copy across their copy and content.

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