noco health

NOCO health is the healthcare brand of nutritionist and consultant, Karina Antram

the brief

NOCO approached me to help them design a coherent, beautiful and minimal brand identity for their business and to build up a reliable and authentic marketing strategy for their social media profiles. 


NOCO's business and brand strategy were designed to target those looking for help managing their nutritional and wellness needs. The business also works to help educate nutritionists and practioners as well and so a firm link to reliable and well-researched science was crucial to establish.


Wellness and health are the core principles of NOCO's business and it was important to incorporate this into both the branding and the social strategy. By utilisting a leafy, earthy palette and natural, wellness-focused imagery, I was able to develop a strong link through to these themes.


As a brand and a business, NOCO had a duty to be an authentic, empathic and trustworthy business - an identity I was able to curate through the tone of voice and empathetic writing style used. This was used to appeal to the selected demographics, particularly those in need of help, support and guidance on their health.

services delivered


Creating and developing a brand identity that reflected NOCOs business and values.

social marketing

Developing an ethical, honest and knowledgable social strategy to promote health, nutrition and wellness.

social consultancy

Working alongside the client to help them build up a coherent and cohesive branding, business and marketing strategy.

my work

Page of NOCO colours
Page of NOCO imagery
Page of NOCO branding

beautiful and minimalist branding

Throughout the branding process for NOCO, I repeatedly utilised the themes of minimalism, cleanliness and nature – creating a feel of natural health advice, wellness and uncluttered tips for living a better life. 


The brief for NOCO required an original brand identity and marketing strategy. Prioritising the themes of holistic care, authenticity and wellness, these strategies needed to appeal to a broad target audience in need of healthcare support. 

I was able to build out a clean, minimal brand identity and an empathetic, engaging marketing strategy for the business, launching their marketing efforts and maintaining their brand image over the past few years. 

established social feed

NOCO now has fully established, optimised and engaged social channels to market their services through.

clean branding

The NOCO brand is now synonymous with cleanliness, wellness, nutrition, care and health - promoting positive messages to all consumers.

plan for growth

NOCO now has a firm plan for growth, expansion and further engagement through their marketing and business strategies.

Client Testimonial

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