As a key part of my freelance services, I offer brand creation and consultation for small-to-medium businesses. 

“Brands should think of themselves not as storytellers but storybuilders. We plant seeds of content and let our community build on it.”

-Amy Pascal

Figs on a plate Case Studies

My process

The initial stage of brand identity is discovery and understanding.

I sit down with clients for a consultation to find out the history, goals, ethics and achievements of the business.

This helps to identify the key messages to be used throughout their branding.

creating the brand

Using design, colour, typography and imagery, I then begin to develop the brand.

Putting forward a collection of brand proposals and ideas for the client to approve, I can create an overarching brand identity.

This can then be used throughout socials, promotional materials and web design.

Bench and shelf in sunlight
Bouquets of dried flowers

pushing the brand

Taking the brand creation, I then write up a document of brand guidelines.

These are crucial for taking the brand forward, creating a set of templates, fonts and design specifications for the client to take and use in future materials. 


Logos are the emblem that the world will associate with your brand. From the size, style and shape, your logo represents you. Whether you opt for a minimal, dainty logo or a bold, powerful symbol, my services can help. 

colour palettes

The way you choose your colour palette can psychologically affect the decisions of your consumers. I can work alongside you to understand your business and find the right palette for your brand. 


Typography can be a profound marker when it comes to building a brand. It can be the difference between a successful brand and a failure. Let me help you select and adopt a font that works directly with your business.

brand guidelines

Brand guidelines can help to guide and protect your brand through future marketing efforts and business changes. My guidelines offer support to your team in utilising your brand and delivering an efficient brand strategy. 

My branding aesthetic

I believe in soft, wholesome branding, that embraces nature and slow living in every colour palette and logo choice. 

My brand style is minimalist and simplistic, using rustic brand elements and calming fonts to create a soothing, engaging end product. 

NOCO . Branding Case Study

A nutrition and wellness specialist needed a brand to represent her new venture and boost her new consultancy website. 

‘Nikki was a pleasure to work with. She has an excellent eye for modern, simplistic, clean design which is where her talent shines through and she really enjoys this part of the creative process.I also enjoyed our interactions and brainstorming branding meetings.Nikki also off the cuff designed a logo that worked really well which despite paying a logo designer, we ended up using.’
Photo of Karina
Karina Antram

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