What To Buy Your Freelancer For Christmas

Our little freelance community is one of diverse talents, unique skills and extraordinary passion. But to our friends and family – we’re nightmares to buy for. At Christmas time, when Secret Santas and office Christmas parties are coming thick and fast, it can be hard to know what to buy for the freelancer who never sets foot in an office. We’re chained to our desks and we work where we sit, so what else could we possibly need in our stockings?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. From stationery supplies to coffee machines, I’ve drawn up a list of the essential presents your freelancer will actually want to receive on Christmas day.

1. Re-Usable Coffee Cups

It’s a well-known fact that freelancers drink a lot of coffee. Whether we’re steeping our own at home, curling up in coffee shops or grabbing one to go as we travel to our next meeting, our careers would be in tatters without a good cup of caffeine. So why not pick the perfect travel mug or reusable coffee cup for them to take with them on their travels? Not only are they better for the environment and can help to save money, they also look great in those pre-meeting Instagram photos.

2. Portable Headphones

When you work from home, it’s easy to get distracted. From noisy, adorable pets to busy streets outside, there are times when it’s hard to focus. A great gift for your freelancer would be some high-quality and portable headphones (preferably ones with noise-cancelling properties too!). Plus, being able to listen to music on chaotic train journeys, plane journeys and in crowded co-working spaces can be the difference between productivity and procrastination.

3. Desk Plants

Spending all day at your desk can feel a little overwhelming and stuffy, especially when you work from home. But one of the best ways to infuse a little more oxygen into your workspace is a handful of fresh desk plants. Whilst they might not be the easiest of gifts to wrap, they’re certainly a thoughtful gift to pass on to your work-from-homeaholic. It’s also worth doing a little bit of research into which plants thrive in desk spaces, and writing out a personal care guide to help out their new parent.

4. Software Subscriptions

Whilst this might be in the pricier range of Christmas gifts, one of the best presents you can give a freelancer is a subscription or pro version of a software they use every day. From design programmes to social media scheduling to tax filing, there are always programmes out that can help to make our working life a little easier – but usually, we’re too cautious to subscribe. Having a friend or family member help us out is one of the most supportive gifts of all.

5. Notebooks

If I had a pound for every notebook I’ve bought throughout my time as a freelancer, well…I could probably afford a couple of new notebooks. But the point is, we like to make a lot of notes. From planning our to-do lists to scribing in meetings to doodling during phone calls, notebooks are the saviour of the freelance community. We love a great design, something that will look professional enough to take to client meetings, but cute enough to look good in flat lays.

6. Calendars

Similarly to notebooks, calendars are a lifesaver for the self-employed. We use our calendars religiously when we’re working out deadlines, planning our next meeting and remembering that all-important Self-Assessment date. Always easy to come by, calendars are a simple yet effective gift for the freelancer in your life – plus, if you’re the one buying the calendar initially, you get to write in some exciting days of fun with the recipient before they get too busy!

7. Cushions

Working from home can be a delight, but it can also be a fright on the back. Hunching over a desk for the majority of the day can be incredibly bad for backs, even for those who prioritise their posture. A neat little back cushion, that works in every desk chair, is a unique gift but one that would be easy to personalise to your freelancer’s taste. Buy one in their favourite colours, with a lovely motivational quote on it and you can’t go wrong!

8. Switch-Off Crafts

If they’re anything like me, your freelancer will really struggle to switch off from their work – especially when their work is also their home. So why not create a collection of activities to help them relax? From adult colouring books to crafts, to baking sets, make sure you find activities they love and add the strict instruction that they are to be used in times of de-stressing.

9. Desk Prints

One of my personal favourite gifts to both give and receive are beautiful, simple desk prints. Whether they choose to hang them above their desk or prop them up on it, they’re such a lovely gift to choose for someone you care about. You can buy a style you know they’re like, add a cute frame and your thoughtful gift is all done.

I hope this has helped anyone struggling to buy for their self-employed loved on this time of year! Let me know if you need any more inspiration!

Thanks for reading!

Nikki McCaig

Nikki McCaig

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